Helping People Get Well and Stay Well

Shelley Karlsen is the owner and operator of Nourished Naturopathy and Nutrition. Shelley is a passionate and dedicated Naturopath and Nutritionist with many years experience in the science of Naturopathy and Nutrition. Shelley’s goal is to address and resolve your main reason for coming to see her and work with you to restore health, prevent disease and enhance optimum wellness.

With a background in clinical Nursing and medicine, Advanced Diploma’s in Naturopathy, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine and extensive research in Endocrinology(Hormonal health) and Biochemistry, Shelley Karlsen will work out the science behind your health problems and get to the core of your health issues with very successful treatment outcomes.

What people are saying

  • There is a warmth and genuineness about Shelley that makes me feel comfortable in sharing my problems with her and I know she cares” Carolyn, Victoria Park, WA
  • “Shelley helped me understand the science behind my health problems, after being to countless Doctors and other Natural therapists that just couldn’t give me any answers, I am now on the road to recovery and good health” Jan, Nedlands, WA
  • “I can’t thank Shelley enough for helping me achieve my goals in weight loss and health and for always being there to support me” Georgina, Mount Hawthorn, WA
  • “Shelley has helped me realize my emotional blocks  to losing weight that I wasn’t even aware I had, I am so thankful for this, finally I can move forward” Michelle, West Perth, WA
  • “Thanks to Shelley’s treatment and nutritional advice I am now 10kg lighter and living the life I always dreamed” James, Mount Lawley, WA

Shelley will provide nourishment for you in the form of support, education, guidance and naturopathic and nutritional prescriptions so that you can begin to and continue to nourish yourself on all levels including the physical, mental and emotional dimensions and live in optimum health and wellness with out disease(dis-ease).