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How to cope with stress and worry


Do you experience any of the following symptoms? Physical and mental Tension Mental and physical Stress Over thinking Over analysing Doubt Lack of joy and happiness Anxiety Fear Indecisiveness Unsettled Insomnia or disturbed sleep Inability to switch of or control your thinking and negative thoughts Wired and tired Fatigue, tiredness Inability to function under pressure Anger Depression Sadness Frustration Irritability Worry is a symptom of fear of the unknown. Our mind and our ego like to anchor itself into the known. Fear is a dominant human emotion, most of our thoughts and actions are induced by it. We actually spend…

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Health is Everything

Happy Couple

With 15 years in the Healthcare Industry I have seen many different types of diets and eating plans. I have seen the damage that our modern diet (high in "bad" carbohydrates, “bad fats" and deficient in protein, "good" fats, "good" carbohydrates, high in processed, artificial foods and high in drugs such as caffeine and alcohol) has had. Coupled with the consequences of modern living such as pollution, chemicals and toxins in the environment, fast paced lifestyles, going to long without eating, overuse and incorrect use of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, financial pressures, emotional problems, working long hours, shift work, worry,…

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