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Health is Everything

Health Is Everything

With 15 years in the Healthcare Industry I have seen many different types of diets and eating plans. I have seen the damage that our modern diet (high in “bad” carbohydrates, “bad fats” and deficient in protein, “good” fats, “good” carbohydrates, high in processed, artificial foods and high in drugs such as caffeine and alcohol) has had.

Coupled with the consequences of modern living such as pollution, chemicals and toxins in the environment, fast paced lifestyles, going to long without eating, overuse and incorrect use of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, financial pressures, emotional problems, working long hours, shift work, worry, negative emotions, lack of self love and love for others, stress and everyday pressures, I am not surprised that chronic health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, female hormonal problems, mood disorders, thyroid problems, cancer, autoimmune disorders, the list goes on….. are in epidemic proportions today.

We have to realise that the ability to change and take control of our health is in our own hands. We have to take responsibility and not hand our power away and become victims. Change can be hard, especially when we are using food and drugs to deal with stress and treat emotional and psychological issues.

Looking at health problems from a Functional Medicine perspective, we can address the root problems and heal at a deeper level, rather the just using a Band-Aid approach, which can sometimes have its place, while the real issues and causes are being addressed and treated.

Help is here…….I encourage you to investigate my services and what else is out there to help and support you to overcome your problems so you can live in optimum wellness and be free from “dis-ease”. Life is precious and to be truly “living” is an amazing gift. We all know that our health is everything……..